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The Official Web Site for Landsfill County

Explore a great future in
Pea City, Fish or Tongue Meat!

OPPORTUNITY AWAITS in the Pea City, Fish, Tongue Meat area! Where low wages mean low prices for you! Lowest cost of living anywhere.

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WITH THE HIGHEST RATE of liver disease in the nation, the Triangle area offers opportunities in the fields of Medicine, Toxic Waist Management, and Class Action Litigation.

EXCITING CAREERS in the Potted Meat or the Petroleum Based Ointment industries await the upwardly mobile job seeker, while the discriminating retiree might enjoy the luxurious community of Tongue Meat, once the only tongue meat cannery town in the country, now home of Tongue Brook Country Club, featuring a challenging 9 hole golf course, detox center, tennis court and lounge.

YES, its all here in Landsfill County! Click below for more info about jobs, events, and life in the Pea City, Fish, Tongue Meat area.

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Based on the strange children's book by Vance Lester Smith
Graphic Artist: Laurie Lou Moore Smith

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Vance L. Smith

About the Author

A native of landsfill county, Vance has lived from Hairskin to Tarhole and now resides in Fish. Vance attended Pea High his sophomore and junior years, and was an easy choice for the Pea City Web writer because he is not insane due to syphilis and has his own transportation.

Thanks To...

Stan Harris, Mike Daniels, Larry Perkins who wrote the Harris Boy Story in the first place, Jeff G., Rocky, Unky Fussel (Hawkins), Bill the Eggman, Freak and Lee, the entire Toothremain Family, including Enis Staffeles and Pampher, and Wad Pamplin (Wad actually used bricklaying to play guitair better) Tommy Burlandy, and the best friend I ever ripped off, Larry Gee. Sorry. And of coarse Big Man Big Daddy - Robert Blackburn, Howard, Scott, Preacher Vick, and Everybody in Crokus, The Piners Point Crokus, best ever, thanks Burl, and Tommy. Sorry I vomited on your cords, but I can do it again. Vance Lester Smith

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