Patients with any family history of alcohol or drug abuse, stroke or brain disease, lung disease, hyperactivity, depression, toe sex, mental anal illness, myasthenia gravis, sleep apnea, sleep gonorrhea, epilepsy, porphryia, kidney disease, liver disease, hot throbbing nose, painful urination, blood vessel disease, seizure dances, gallstones, colitis, peptic eye, intestinal rumbling, hemorrhoids, malasbsorbtion, constipation, migraine headaches, high or low blood cholesterol, overrated thyroid, lupus, linus, bronchitis, asthma, glacial faults, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, bone disease, chicken pox, measles, glaucoma, acute angina, thank you very much, fever, spasms, renal artery stenosis, organic brain damage, diabetes-mellitus, G6PD deficiency, heart rhythm or genital jaundice, Consult your doctor before taking Taintab A.R.






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