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Tongue Meat

Population 671

Once home to the only tongue meat cannery in the country, as tripe replaced tongue, the cannery moved to Fish, but the affluent residents remained. Now an upscale community, with its own private school, and home to the Tongue Brook Country Club & Detox Center.


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Tongue Meat Detox VS Hairskin Vocational
OPEN HOUSE at Goat River Estates

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GOAT RIVER ESTATES Real Estate for the discriminating home owner, all homes must be built or joined together on site. Each home site includes underground sewage and use of the beautiful redwood mailbox rack. The surrounding government protected marsh provides privacy and lifelong assurance against unwanted development as the marsh is home to 11 species of endangered mosquitoes, 6 of which are found no where else in the world! Located just a quick walk or hitch hike to the links at Tongue Brook, these home sites are going fast. Call Hoyt Sweater at Sweater Homes, on HWY 3 in Pea City.

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Based on the strange children's book by Vance Lester Smith
Graphic Artist: Laurie Lou Moore Smith

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Vance L. Smith

About the Author

A native of landsfill county, Vance has lived from Hairskin to Tarhole and now resides in Fish. Vance attended Pea High his sophomore and junior years, and was an easy choice for the Pea City Web writer because he is not insane due to syphilis and has his own transportation.

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